GUS G14KAL Disinfecting Soak Station
GUS G14KAL Disinfecting Soak Station

GUS G14KAL Disinfecting Soak Station

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GMI is an authorized distributor for PCI Medical's GUS® Disinfection Soak Stations. The GUS® Disinfection Soak Station provides superior high level disinfection for all intra-cavity and TEE transducers as well as any transducers that come into contact with broken skin or mucous membranes. with over 20000 GUS® systems installed in over 6000 hospitals and clinics, GUS® has been proven effective in protecting patients and staff from toxic vapors and preventing damage to instruments. GUS® is the most affordable way to high-level disinfect instruments and stay compliant with TJC and OSHA standards.

GUS® is also compatible with OPA, Glutaraldehyde and Hydrogen Peroxide.


  • Fully enclosed for increased protection from fumes
  • Safety door allows for placement in patient area
  • New long containers disinfect the probe handle to help prevent cross-contamination
  • Only uses 1.3 quarts (1/3 gallon) of disinfectant
  • Use with your choice of disinfectant (OPA, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide)
  • Minimum of 8 minutes to disinfect your probe
  • Soak 2 probes at one time
  • Made in the USA