About Us


Medexell's mission is to simplify patient care. We specialize in Medical Product Sales and International Trade. Through our combined expertise we develop comprehensive Healthcare Service Solutions that put patient and front-line heroes' needs above all. 

The products we sell are being used by patients or on patients. This drives us to live by our customer service principles:


  • Transparency: ensuring patients are treated with high-quality products is our top priority. We keep patients and providers informed of product quality, delivery schedules, or anything that should be addressed immediately.


  • Empathy: Overall, life is hard. As a patient, it's even more difficult. Our focus on customer service drives us to always think from patients' points of view and use that as a catalyst to exceed expectations.


  • Respect: We're all human and as such our bodies go through many scenarios we cannot control. Medexell respects patient needs through our daily interactions with customers and healthcare organizations.