GE (Vivid/Logiq 3/5/7/9) TEE Testing Kit
GE (Vivid/Logiq 3/5/7/9) TEE Testing Kit

GE (Vivid/Logiq 3/5/7/9) TEE Testing Kit

Brand: GE
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The GE (Vivid/Logiq 3/5/7/9) TEE Testing Kit is everything you need in order to perform leakage testing for TEE transducers on the GE Logiq 3/5/7/9 and Vivid 3/5/7 ultrasound system.

The kit contains the following:

1 ULT-2010 Ultrasound Leakage Tester *Upgrade to ULT-2020 add $155
1 BC20-42200 Soak Trey/Test Basin
1 ULT-PC-15 Dual Conductivity Probe (General)
1 BC20-42332 ULT Series Printer Kit
PRN-1130 Printer for ULT-2000 series
BC20-42310 Package (5 Rolls) of paper for Printer
BC20-42325 Cable for Printer
BC20-41361 Comm Adapter Cable - RS-232 to USB
BC20-30107 Case, Carrying Medium
1 ULT-PA-16 GE (Logiq/Vivid 3/5/7/9) Probe Adapter